How To Reduce Inflammation in the Body

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When I was  diagnosed with my first major disease I had no idea what inflammation was or how to go about reducing it.  It took me another 10 years after that first diagnosis before I gave it another thought. Since the time I was diagnosed with that first disease I have learned that ALL disease processes start with an acute inflammatory response in the body.  Most of the time people are not consciously aware that this process has begun. Acute means chronic.  It has been going on for a long time.

Most people don’t consider extra weight as being representative of chronic inflammation but it is. I use to weight 260 pounds, that’s a lot of inflammation going on for a long time.  I was heavy throughout the last 3 pregnancies and used it as an excuse to be heavy and not take the weight off.  I remember thinking I had gained 50 pounds with my second pregnancy and that weight never came back off until 3 years ago.

The process I teach my clients is actually pretty simple.  And according to Dr. Mark Hyman M.D., it is better for you to get off all 7 at the same time, not one by one.  I work with my clients on an individual level and I look at the emotional issues involved as well.  For some people, it’s best to go slow and be thorough, one item on the list at a time.  At first, I DID get off all 7 items.  I’ve realized since then that my emotional response has been getting in the way of my own food choices. I have excuses just like most people.  It is time to “clean up the edges”, as I like to say and get clear on my goal. For me, I am reversing autoimmune issues and healing a leaky gut.  According to Dr. Amy Myers, there is no room for gluten or dairy in my diet if I want to heal my gut thus reversing my autoimmune conditions.

This protocol is what I use for anyone coming into my office that wants to lose weight, improve their health, reverse disease, or remain healthy and be proactive in preventing disease. This is step one.  There are also other steps that include the mind and the spirit.

So step one is to remove these 7 items from the diet for at least a period of 8 weeks and see how the body responds.  I find it interesting that not only are all of these items inflammatories they are all also very acidic to the human body. Cancer can only grow in an acidic environment, so by implementing this protocol you are safeguarding yourself against cancer, whether it runs in your genic line or not. You can live a long healthy life without ever eating any of these foods again.  So depending on what your health goals are this is a great place to begin.  In time, you can add foods back one at a time and see if your body has any reactions to them. I would recommend never adding any of these back after you have gotten off of them, why take that risk?

The 7 food categories are:

1. gluten

2. dairy

3. grains

4. sugar

5. alcohol

6. red meat

7. caffeine

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Now most clients at first tell me they can’t do this.  I assure them if I did it, they can.  And just get through the first 8 weeks and life will be so much better. That is a promise I can stand behind and do stand behind with anyone I work with.

Please read “Causes of Inflammation” for more information on inflammation in the body.  There are really  no definitive tests that can be run that are a true measurement of inflammation in the body.  The medical profession likes to think that the CRP (C-Reactive Protein) test is a good measure but there have been too many cases now where the CRP test came back normal and the person has hidden inflammation that caused a serious issue.

Your health is in your hands.  No one else is responsible for you but you.

Enjoy your day.

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