40-Day Online Mindfulness in Self-Judgement Challenge


40-day mindfulness in self-judgement


Are you ready?
40 Days of being aware of your self-judgement. A very interesting challenge indeed.
$30 for 40 days of online coaching.
I will create a group on Facebook for this 40-day event.
You’ll pay on my website.
We begin May 1st and conclude on June 9th.
You will download a 40-day shift chart off of my website.
Join the group.
Begin your awareness May 1st.
The purpose of this challenge is to bring awareness to your thoughts. To begin a mindfulness practice. To learn who you are, and to practice self-compassion.
This is NOT a 40-day challenge of ridding yourself of self-judgment. That will be the next challenge should you choose to accept it AFTER this 40-day challenge of just becoming aware of the place in your life and in your thoughts that you are judgmental of yourself.
You do have time for this challenge. It’s done totally on-line. Invite your friends and family. Get a group together at work. Create your support group. You will receive plenty of support from me your Life Coach during these 40 days.
Let’s have fun!
Any questions? Just ask 🙂
Open to anyone 12 and older. This is a GREAT activity for you to do with any and all of your kids 12 and older.


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