40-Day Mindfulness Challenge

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Why take this challenge?  That answer is simple, to become more aware of your present moments.

That’s kind of the “thing” right now isn’t it? Everyone is saying “oh you have to be in the present moment, you have to slow down enough to be in your present moments”.   But I want to raise the question of “is there any other way to be?”  For example, how can you NOT be in your present moment?  Your physical body is ALWAYS in this moment right here right now.  Your mind, however, is the thing that takes us out of our present moments and into the past or into the future.  Usually living in a fantasy, worry, fear, awfulizing, thinking of things that have happened already or thinking of things we have yet to do or want to do someday, and well you know where your mind takes you.  So our bodies are present but our minds are not?  Is that true?

So this challenge is all about bringing your mind into balance with your physical body.  It is about awareness at its core.  It is about re-training your mind to be present with your physical body.

You sit for 5 minutes.  Eyes open.  Take in your life.  Be aware of your physical surroundings.  Be aware of your body, your mind, your thoughts.  Use your 5 senses.  Are you eating? What does the food taste like? What do you see? What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you feel? Are you cold, warm, hot or just right? Be in this present moment and be aware. Post your thoughts, your awarenesses in the group.  Having witnesses to our lives is very important for healing and staying healthy.

Sounds pretty simple right? Ah, that is where the 40-day shift chart comes in and why I chose to do this as a challenge group. It is not as easy as it sounds.  Once you make the commitment to take the challenge the 40-day shift chart helps you become accountable to yourself. (Have you read one of my other blog posts about why use my 40-day shift charts?) No one else can change your life for you.  No one else is responsible.  I find this thought fascinatingly empowering. When we take the reigns back to our lives we are 100% in charge.  We decide.  We get all the credit.  We become empowered human beings.

Are you ready to lay down all of the excuses?  “I’m too tired.”  “I’m too busy.” “I’m not good at this kind of thing.” “I don’t think I can be successful.” “I don’t feel like it.” “I’m not self-disciplined enough.”  And the list can go on forever.  I challenge you to put all those excuses down.  Take the challenge and find the magic.  Yes, I said find the magic.  There is something that happens that I can’t explain. You only get to experience it when you use the 40-day or 100-day shift charts.  The charts build self-worth and self-esteem in a deep down place within you.

This particular exercise will shift your life to a more positive one.  It begins to make you aware of your life, more mindful of your life and those around you when you’re not doing your 5 minutes. 🙂 That’s the best part.

My personal goal, as I have done this challenge twice before, is to carry this mindfulness practice forward into my daily life after the 40 days are complete.  I’m actually very excited to be adding a mindfulness practice to my daily meditation and gratitude practice.

Please join me.  It’s not too late to begin.  We started today, July 1, but you can still join us.  Just let me know so I can add you to the group.

Eat well. Live well. Be well.


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