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Blessings are threads of this life that reweave the parts of your life that may have been torn apart.

Every family has blessings occur.  We generally look at births as blessings and weddings.  What I want to talk about in this blog are everyday blessings that you create yourself or that you simply become aware of and appoint the title of BLESSING to.

Everyday activities invite blessings on a small and a large scale.  You can choose to bless each new day with intention and gratitude.  It IS a choice. I remember as a kid we would bless people we would see on the street corner.  We would bless the people less fortunate than us.  I remember when my kids were young I would bless people in the store who were being less than nice. And people in traffic who would be exhibited “road rage”.  I would just say “I bless you on your way today.”

By doing this, you create a high vibration of energy in which you live.  This, in turn, attracts more high vibration people. Which makes your entire life better.  The daily practice of seeing blessings and creating blessings for other people in your life creates a well of positive energy on which you can draw in times of need.  It’s kind of like a bank account.  The more blessings, or positive energy you put in, the more there is to take out when you need it.  So in times of HIGH stress (there is good stress and bad stress), say a death, a job loss or starting a new job, a move, a birth, a time of illness you can go to your bank account of energy and blessings  and draw on it knowing you’ve done your daily work of filling it up for just such an event. This is bringing mindfulness to your life.

“Blessings bring a clear new perspective and awareness into your life in times of joy and abundance, as well as when you are ravished by loss and tragedy.  The expression “It may be a blessing in disguise” helps you look for the silver lining.  Be patient and know: Everything will be all right in the end, and if it’s not all right, then it’s not the end yet!”  Elizabeth Murray

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Being aware of the blessings in your life brings a sense of calm and serenity. Creating blessings for others does the same thing. It makes us feel good.

Elizabeth suggests keeping a blessing journal.  I thought this was an excellent idea.  It would be likened to a gratitude journal I would think.

“Practice:  Keep a blessings journal page after page of blessings you’ve experienced or offered over many years.  Some years, you’ll fill pages; other years, you may not feel as blessed, but it will increase your awareness of the smallest blessing-enough rain, a year of good health, a freezer full of homemade soup. Begin to compose your own blessing for the day, a loved one, or a special event.  Offer it to your family and community.” For example the blessing of a city park.  The blessing of your home garden space this Spring. The blessing of an illness that has just passed.

In relationship (s), set an intention to bless the space between. What a wonderful feeling to have the spaces between us, blessed.  We can change the way we look at life through small practices such as this.  This, in my opinion, is what this life is about.  Making all the present moments count for something.

Enjoy your weekend!

Whole-Living, Whole-Life.

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