Creating A Life Vision For Yourself

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That’s a nice idea, right? But how do you actually create a life vision for yourself? I have been creating my life vision for years so maybe it’s not something you create in an afternoon or even in a week.  The first step is a willingness to even ask the question: “What is my Life Vision?”  You have to want to ask the question and you have to want to create the answer. These two steps involve a personal interest in yourself.  Most of us are taught by society that it is not good to be too self-involved. I disagree.  I believe you better be self-involved at a healthy level otherwise you find yourself at the end of your life feeling bitter and resentful.  You may actually feel that way throughout most of your life.  We must make ourselves the most important person in our own lives first before we can take care of others in a healthy way. And that step involves SELF-LOVE. I am coming to believe that self-love is the basis, a foundation piece, a cornerstone for everything we want in our lives.  Health, wealth, loving relationships, a job/career we love, a community that feeds us on a soul level, and so on. (That’s another blog post.)

Years ago my husband, daughter and I attended a lecture given by Michael Bernard Beckwith.  At that point in my life, I was searching.  I was really needing to find the answers to my life.  Why was I so unhappy all the time?  I had a wonderful husband and wonderful kids and really looking from the outside in I had most of the things I thought I needed to be happy, but yet I wasn’t happy. So I began searching. I thought maybe Michael would have some insight into my life that would help me begin to feel happy.  He was just one of many, many, many places I looked. I remember the lecture was really good and I loved the music.  It gave me more little pieces to my puzzle. Onward I went. Over the years Michael has come and gone in my life but mostly he taught me about asking the bigger questions in this life and how to create a life vision for myself. I took one of his visioning courses.

So who shows up this morning on Super Soul Sunday (recorded at some point in time) as I’m eating my breakfast but Michael 🙂 There is nothing that doesn’t happen in the right timing and on purpose, my belief. What I learned, I’ve learned before, but have forgotten.  That happens in this life, I have found.  If you don’t create some sort of ACTION PIECE around something you’ve learned, we often forget it until we need it again. Giving us yet another opportunity to integrate it into our lives.  It’s like the Universe says gently one more time:  “are you ready now?” I love that!

So I ask you the question “what is your life vision?” To answer this question Michael says we need to ask some other powerful questions. “Why am I here on this planet?” “What is my purpose here on this planet?” “What am I doing here?” “Who am I?” “What’s trying to emerge from my life?” “What is my gift to share?” “What am I here to teach others?”

A Universal Law says that whenever you ask a question, it must send you an answer. The Universe will answer in a language you personally will understand.  It will come through inner prompting, intuitive hits, nudges, signs, symbols, dreams, it will come in the individual language of your soul and your heart. Through the words from loved ones. All of this according to Michael, and I agree.

We can ask disempowering questions like: “What is wrong?” “Why me?” “Why do they treat me that way?”  “What did I do wrong?” These kinds of questions leave you stuck in the muck of your life.  You can ask empowering questions like: “What is my lesson in this?” “How can I view this differently?” “What is the Universe trying to teach me?” “What is my purpose in this situation?” These sorts of questions will lift you out of the muck. We all want to be OUT of the muck, right?

Michael says that we all have a responsibility to discover who we are, find out our purpose, and express it out in the world.  The answers are always there but are you listening? Are you open or have you built walls out of judgment, resentment, pain, fear,  against yourself and others?

Take a journey with me this year to begin to create your life vision.  I will have 4 workshops throughout this year to help you create your life vision. My schedule for the entire year will be out by mid-January.  Stay tuned. And send me a message if you’re interested. It may be on-line, or face to face or both.

Until then I have a homework assignment for you, to get you started. Buy a notebook or journal and begin writing down who you want to be remembered as when you leave this planet. This will help start the creative process of your life vision. By setting the intention (your description of who you want to be remembered as) you begin to put energy out into the world so it can help you manifest what you want to create.  Does that make sense?  As always, have fun with this exercise.

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Eat well, live well, be well.




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