Energy Bleed

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I’ve decided to just blog lol.  Some blogs will be short and sweet like the one you’re about to read and some will be long and drawn out and need more explanation.

I move into this New Year with a knowing that this will be my year to heal completely my body, my mind, and my spirit.  I am putting it all together today, and tomorrow and all year long. I started at the end of last year to live and thrive from a place of intuitive living.  What that means to me is that I am living 90% in my present moments, in the here and the right now listening to what my spirit is directing me to do or not do, learning the art of discernment. And oh my god it is a lot of fun and is very exciting to witness my feelings, my thoughts, and my actions. The end of last year was a bit rocky, to say the least with a peri-menopausal bleed that lasted 5 weeks. A literal energy bleed lol!  That event in and of itself made me dive deep into trusting myself and my body to know what it needed, to ask questions and be patient waiting for the answers and to trust Dr. Doris.

What is an energy bleed?  I define it as anything you send or expend energy on that is not in your highest good.  So take a look at yourself, metaphorically and see where you are bleeding out energy that could be better used for strengthing, empowering, healing, yourself.  As long as you have energy bleeds you are not able to function at your highest capacity in your own daily life.

So what are examples of energy bleeds?  A job that causes you more stress than joy.  An ex-lover or spouse that you are constantly going back to either physically or emotionally or mentally and rewinding and reviewing the past events. This serves no one but maybe your ego.  A friend whom you’ve had a disagreement with, but have yet to have the real conversation with about your feelings and the situation.  Have the conversation and be done.  Be brave and just do it.  Stop the energy from bleeding you dry.  The past is a huge energy bleed for a lot of people.  Anything really from the past is a way in which your energy is leaking.  The past is done and over with, you can’t change anything about it.  Let it go.  Write a letter, burn it.  Have a conversation, and get over it.  Focus your energy on this moment. There are also personal energy bleeds where you are beating yourself up, second-guessing yourself, not loving yourself, not being kind to yourself, these can all bleed energy out and away from your body.  Vital energy that you need to live the life you deserve.

I invite you to take a look at where your energy has maybe been bleeding you dry for years, or maybe one that just started over the holidays. be quick to stop it right now in this moment. I know I have had those energy bleeds personally, and they have taken away energy I could have used for my own healing but also the energy that I could have used with my family and my husband.  I could have used it to strengthen friendships.

I’m assessing my energy bleeds today and stitching them up and allowing them to heal. I will not go back and reopen old wounds and bleed myself dry anymore.  Won’t you join me?  Get your journal out and begin to identify where you are bleeding energy into things, places and people that are not in your highest good.

Eat well, live, well, be well.


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