Fall In Love With Food

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Why not?

Food is what gives you life.  Why not be fascinated by it? Love it! Talk to it!  Sympathize with it! Have whole entire conversations with it. Love it!

Many of us have come to battle food even in our sleep. It IS the enemy.  We battle with ourselves over it.  We battle with the manufacturers over it.  We battle with spouses and children over it.  It has become a very unpleasant thing for many of us and I use to be right there.  I remember yelling at one point at the universe that since I didn’t know what to eat I wasn’t going to eat at all!! And I meant it until I got hungry.  Have you ever been there? It can be infuriating.  I am offering a different approach.

I want to start a revolution where people talk to their food.  Try this: thank the food you eat at each meal for giving you life.  Ask it: “Where did you come from? Who plowed the ground where you were planted? Were you a seed or a plant or a tuber or a bulb? Who watered you? What did it feel like when it rained on you? What did it feel like when the hot sun beat down on you in a dusty field? Who took care of you while you were growing? Who picked you? Who harvested you? Were you thought about while you were getting ripe? Were you put on a flatbed of an old rickity truck? Put in a crate?  Plucked from a bush? Packed tightly to where you couldn’t breathe in a semi trailer? Who loved you when you were growing? What kind of nutrients will you feed my body? How will you keep me healthy? I thank you for my life.

The idea is if you fall in love with food you will take more care in choosing the food you eat.  The idea is if you begin to form a relationship with your food you will come to love yourself as much as you love the food you choose to put in your body.  No longer will you just woof down that hamburger, fries, and a milkshake.  No longer will you disregard your food choices and just eat without asking some questions. You’ll begin to ask yourself, “where did this food come from and is it what I want? Is it what I need?”

This leads to MINDFULNESS and Present Moment Living.  The next time you have a meal try slowing down and breathing throughout your meal.  Smell the food.  Feel the texture of the food.  Hear the fork on the plate. Look into the eyes of the person sitting with you and really begin to see them. Actually taste your food. Stop rushing through your meals.  Your body wants to experience your life with you.  It wants you to slow down.  It wants you to pay attention. Tell yourself you are taking 20 minutes to eat your meal. Set a timer if you must begin today, right now.  There is no time like the present. Time may be running out. Begin to fall in love with food, maybe again or maybe for the first time in your life.

I had the experience of tasting food mindfully for the first time a few years ago.  I was overweight and had to change my lifestyle.  As I cleaned up my food, my palate also was cleaned.  I remember one day distinctly where I actually tasted all the flavors in my salad. Today I try to use lemon juice most of the time for salad dressing.  I enjoy tasting my food today.  I want you to experience the same thing.

Fall in love with food and I promise you will begin to fall in love with yourself. You owe it to yourself to take time, to live well.

I am bringing back my Energetics of Food lecture series this year.  This is a great way to begin a love affair with food.  If you’re local, tune in, sign up and let’s have a chat during the series.


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