First Thing in the Morning

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I’m participating in HeatherAsh Amara’s online IGNITE program this year. It is 9 months long. A few weeks back she made a statement that has changed my life and my perspective of my life forever. She said, “Your life doesn’t have to be difficult.” I immediately said to myself, “it doesn’t? what’s the point if it’s not difficult?” That knocked me back a few steps to hear and listen to what I said in response.

I asked myself these two questions “Why do I see my life as difficult? why do I make my life more difficult than it has to be?”, about 15 times once I heard her talk more about how my life doesn’t have to be difficult. I am convinced it was learned in my childhood. By most people’s standards, I had an extremely difficult childhood. And I think what I did was pick up the baton so to speak and as I grew into an adult I just kept doing what I had learned. One of my agreements, I’ve now been made aware of growing up, was “Life IS Difficult!” Making my life difficult was the norm.

So first thing this morning I was made aware of how my self talk is following suit, making my life difficult. I woke up and the first thought I had was, “I don’t have enough time, I’m late.” That makes my life difficult from the very beginning of my day. I’ve probably been saying this to myself for years, well not “probably”, I have been saying it to myself for years now. This morning it had new light shone on it. The awareness was there AND it was no longer acceptable to me. That was the shift. So the work begins. I’m trained in Time Management so it’s time to practice what I know.

Becoming aware is step number one. Step number two often involves an action piece. Sometimes that’s physical action and sometime’s it is mental. For me changing the voice in my head is where I will begin. The awareness will continue to show up.

Do you make your life difficult when it doesn’t really need to be?

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