Gratitude: 40 Day Challenge to Start Again March 15th

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Good evening everyone!

I began the first 40-day Gratitude Challenge last year and we concluded on the last day of the year.  With over 350 people participating we decided to make it a year long challenge, but as with many things in life, we got away from the 40 day Challenge and people started letting their gratitude practice slide a bit. So a NEW 40 Day Challenge is underway and we will begin March 15th (yes same day as the Super Brain Yoga Challenge).

I already have a private group set up on Facebook you can join by clicking here, Gratitude 2016.

Download the 40 day Shift Chart, it’s located under the downloads tab, and get ready.  Each day post your gratitude in the group and fill in a square when you are complete for that day.

This is going to be awesome!





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