A Soulful Woman’s Retreat

$350.00 $140.00

The PURPOSE of this retreat is to create a healthy pattern interrupter, a day to connect with yourself and other women to learn how you can actually design your life so you are thriving each and every day.


This Soulful Woman’s Retreat is for you if you:
*want to surround yourself with like-minded women who get the journey you’re on.
*are open to new ways to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically.
*want to leave the old paradigm of struggle behind and integrate a new way of thriving every day.
*are ready to let go of the old story to create a new story.
*looking for a different kind of balance in your life one that’s tipped towards wholistic wellness.
*ready to be vulnerable and courageous enough to change your life.
*willing to learn new life skills to live a happy, joy-filled, healthy and self-loving/self-nurturing life.
Without giving too much away we will be learning the meaning of your Life Path Number. You will learn ways to nourish yourself everyday thru meditation, extreme self-care, essential oils to balance your chakras, leaning an overview of how Ayurveda can heal the soul, and so much more.
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