Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: APRIL


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: Your Mind and Meditation-APRIL


This is a 3 part series to cover body, mind, and spirit. I designed this series so that anyone who attends all 3 classes can come away with an entire lifestyle plan if they want one. You may also attend just one session and gain a lot of information you can use right away. We will be diving deep into the “How to” and the “Why”. I have learned that if your why is not important enough most of the time it is hard to make changes stick.
I will teach you how to use my 40-day shift chart to make yourself accountable. You will leave each session with a general plan for changing your lifestyle into the healthiest one for you.
Session #2: Tuesday, April 24th, Your Mind and Meditation
In this session you will be learning about the science behind meditation, how to strengthen your mind, we’ll do two mini-meditations, and if you are one of those that say you can’t meditate, I say yes you can, you’ll need to hear what I have to say. You will also begin to design a lifestyle plan that works for you that includes meditation and mindfulness. Please bring your questions.


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