Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: MAY


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle:  Your Spirit and Radical Self-Care-MAY

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This is a 3 part series to cover body, mind, and spirit. I designed this series so that anyone who attends all 3 classes can come away with an entire lifestyle plan if they want one. You may also attend just one session and gain a lot of information you can use right away. We will be diving deep into the “How to” and the “Why”. I have learned that if your why is not important enough most of the time it is hard to make changes stick.
I will teach you how to use my 40-day shift chart to make yourself accountable. You will leave each session with a general plan for changing your lifestyle into the healthiest one for you.
Session #3: Tuesday, May 22nd, Your Spirit and Radical Self-care.
In this session, you will learn about how critical radical self-care is to the rest of your life (relationships, work, family, friends, etc.). You will learn what the difference is between spirit and religion. You will learn about how to keep your emotional bank account full and not empty thus giving you something to draw on in times of chaos, stress, and trauma. You will leave this session knowing what radical self-care means and the steps you need to integrate into your life to be happy and productive.This may be the most important foundational piece of a healthy lifestyle.


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