Ramblings from the Trail: Day #7, Entry #2

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Today was a gift as a new friend, Bob, chose to join me on the trail on the trek to Dutzow early this morning.  To him I say thank you.  It was great conversation as I learned about who this man is and how he’s come to be who I see before me today. Many experiences make up who we are.  We can choose to be all in or to stand on the sidelines and watch.  Today I choose to be all in.  I think Bob does too.

Today I encourage you to stand in your power and your strength, one of them at least.  We all have many strengths.  Love who you see in the mirror and be proud of all of your experiences up to this point, after all they collectively have designed you, it has taken each one of those moments in time to create the you you are today.

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