Ramblings from the Trail: Day #10, entry #5

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I just realized the blog posts here were not making it to my Facebook pages lol.  So I fixed that.

This morning I challenged myself to keep my cadence, my miles per hour to 12 or more. And I accomplished that goal. In fact my original goal this morning was to just do that on the way to Dutzow and in fact I did it there AND back.  Yay me!  I continued on towards Peers but stopped at the Charrette Creek Bridge and checked my number ( I did have my meter with me today lol) and decided at a 165 I’d head back to the truck.

There were LOTS of people buzzing around the Dutzow trail head this morning.  A group of young kids running.  A group of older people biking.  I witnessed a man, I’d say he was in his 50’s, running the whole way from Dutzow to where Falling Timber Road crosses the Katy Trail on the way to Peers. WOW!  I like running but am not a runner.  I’m considering myself a biker in training.  I would like to work up to a couple of over night trips on the Katy trail for next year maybe.

I met a man from Krakow.  He told me that he and his friends comes over for Philly’s Pizza every week 🙂  Denis you have a following, excellent!

Today I set a goal and accomplished it and then some.  I have asked my weight loss group (9 woman) to bring 100% these last 2 weeks of class in their food, meditation, exercise and their “I Love You” exercise and so I feel it is my duty to do the same this week.  I like a good challenge.  I think it is good for our spirits to push ourselves just a bit or maybe a lot.

Today I encourage you to stretch yourself in some area of your life.


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