Ramblings from the Trail: Day #11, #12, #13, Entry #6

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Day 11:  WOW, it was a interesting day as I got off the trail and on to the concrete I noticed a bump in my bike…I checked my tires when I got back to the Center for Balanced Living and sure enough there was something wrong with my front tire.  Funny thing was I had just had a conversation with a friend not 20 minutes earlier about tires.  She doesn’t go very far past the caboose in Marthasville for fear of thorns and such getting stuck in her tires.  I said I had had no problems and really love riding that way.  And then I had a tire issue lol.  I was very grateful that I went into Revolution Cycles, in Washington Missouri and they got me taken care of in less than an hour and even reset my on board computer. It was a great morning I logged 11.33 miles Saturday. I was very grateful Caterina was home and she and I got to spend some time on the trail together 🙂

Day 12: Sunday was an early morning as I had a circle to run from 10-12 p.m. that morning, The Empowered Goddess Circle.  I almost didn’t get up and go, I was draggin’.  It was the first difficult day I have had on the trail so far.  I had to really work with my attitude, coach myself into doing this no matter what.  Talking to myself about my WHY.  Huge self-discipline with love, kindness and support.  I was just physically tired and to push through made it a win win for the morning.  I logged 8.09 miles that morning.

Day 13: Today was another tough day for me.  I just am lacking energy the last two days.  I, once again, as I got out on the trail needed to talk firmly to myself and go over once again my WHY.  This makes 13 days in a row on my bike. The last 2 days being the most difficult energy wise and motivation wise.  But given about 20 minutes of a pep talk each morning I fell into my stride and was off and biking.  I’m keeping in mind that I need to be out there between 6:30-7:00 a.m. as it is getting hotter earlier. Today was a success as my goal was to make the 10 mile mark.  I went past Peers a little bit and found a much needed bench and sat for a spell.  I saw all kinds of smaller things this morning, a baby snake, lots and lots of dragon flies, a grand daddy long leg, a dead mole, a ground hog, a squirrel and a few spiders hanging from the trees lol. I logged 10.06 miles.

My knees and hips are feeling the effects of the biking a lot yesterday and today I am noticing.  Onward I go!

I encourage you to journal today, as I am going to take up my pen and journal today as well. If you have never used a journal before or don’t own a journal, today is your day to buy one (doesn’t have to be fancy, a spiral notebook does the trick) and begin with your first entry.


P.S. let me know you can see this as I am still unsure it is reaching my Facebook pages 🙂 Thank you!

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