Ramblings from the Trail: Day #16 and #17

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Yesterday was a tough day.  I knew when I got on my bike in the morning that we would be putting Thor to rest sometime in the afternoon after Roger slept some since they had gotten in at 6:00 a.m.  The decision to put him down wasn’t hard for us, as he was sick and old.  The hard part for me is in the days to follow, missing him.  Having the thoughts, like I did tonight, oh I can save this for Thor and Gwinny (the rest of my food from dinner), and realizing he’s gone.  I remember going through the same thing with my mom, my dad and I still do it with my sister. Death, of any kind, is a very strange thing and does funny things to me.  On one hand it is final.  There are no “do-overs”.  And for me, something that is now showing up consistently when death shows up in my life is it kicks my butt into realizing how short this life is and I better be living it the way I want, right now today, and not waiting for a day in the future.  Thank you Dad for that piece of wisdom.  I remember him saying that to me years ago.   I logged 11.21 miles. Life moves me forward.

Today, day #17 was fun as Roger and Tristan went with me.  We went to Treloar Garage to get my oil changed in my truck and to have them do a once over before Tristan and I leave on our trip the end of the month to Albuquerque to help Kyle move into his new house.  So we loaded up the bikes and got on the trail at Treloar and went west towards Clinton.  I had not been on the trail at that point ever so it was an adventure! It was very beautiful.  Mostly shaded.  And you can really get a great look at the Missouri River, that was fun!  At one point there was a pretty big tree across the trail and I was glad Tristan and Roger were with me, as they were able to move it off the trail.  We met a Missouri Conservation truck driving on the trail.  He was looking for debris on the trail lol.  I found a place I never even knew about, Bernheimer.  It consists of one house now.  I don’t  know much about this place and will do some research.  I loved seeing the hollyhocks and it reminded me that they are very beautiful, and that I want to grow some next year 🙂  I was very proud of Roger and Tristan as they both did 10.07 miles with me.  I will be back to that part of the trail soon.

I encourage you to eat something new today.


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