Ramblings From the Trail: Day #6, Entry #1

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I decided this is one way I can begin writing every day.  I am a writer you know.  My mom always said “to be a writer, you must write every day”, so here I am creating a way in which I can write every day.  My dream is to be a published writer, but we’ll save that for another entry.

Today was day number 6 on my bike. I’m a bit sore but good from my 12 mile + ride yesterday.  I rode to Peers and back and then a little bit towards Dutzow.  9.73 miles today.  I stopped at the Peers store and decided to put it on my calendar for next Saturday. They play music on the weekends thru the summer months.  I think it’ll be fun.

This morning I met some people on the trail that I know, I stopped and we had a short chat.  That was  nice.

Today I encourage you to be kind to yourself and those you meet.  It can make all the difference!



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