Ramblings from the Trail: Day #8, entry #3

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Today I thought we would be 3 but were 2.  Roger and I headed out on the trail about 8 a.m.  His first time in years and proved to be a day that he learned he really does need his padded bike riding shorts!  We made it a little over 7 miles.

We rode to the Peers Store and back.  I noticed across from the store are many many flowers, very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.  Great idea to whomever thought of that idea!  I approve.

He and I haven’t had much time together as he has been very busy with work.  It was a ride we both enjoyed and we were able to connect on a heart level which we were both happy about.  It’s important to take time out of our busy lives and spend it with those we love and care about.  Biking may prove to be one of those fun ways to share some time together.

Caterina and I will be visiting The Peers Store this Saturday 12-4. We’ll be bringing our lunches should any of you want to join us.  The Peers store will be featuring the work of two remarkable Missouri artists-Brian Haynes , a painter and Curt Dennison, a photographer.  These nationally recognized artists are both residents of nearby Washington, Missouri.  Their work captures the natural beauty and spirit of the Missouri River Valley. The Peers Store is open weekends (May through October) from noon to 4 p.m. Stop by to have a cold soda or an ice cream as you listen to some of the area’s best musicians playing old-time music on the front porch.

Today I encourage you to find someone to share your heart with.

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