Ramblings from the Trail: day #9, entry #4

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Today was a day of trusting the Universe to take care of me, talking myself through a tiny bit of fear, and learning I might want to just double check what I need to have with me.

I got on the trail and headed to Peers.  I wanted to take some pictures of the flowers I told you about yesterday.  And that’s what I did.  Usually when I stop I take my blood glucose number just to see where it is.  I forgot my meter.  Hmm, what to do?  My dad came in my head just like he did when I was caught in the rain last week.  “Nothing to do but get on your bike and ride back to Marthasville.” So I did.

On the way I thought about how dependent I am on that meter.  I am grateful there is such a technology out there but I also thought that maybe the Universe is preparing me for when I am no longer a diabetic, what it feels like to not have a meter.  That is my intention, and always has been, to reverse the disease process going on in my body (parasites and whatever else) grow new islet cells that make insulin in my pancreas.  I was grateful for my experience this morning and really not worried. I am choosing to look at it as an initiation not a problem.  I made it back to Marthasville in fine shape and went half way to Dutzow before turning around deciding I need to get on with my day 🙂

On the trail I saw a turtle, a bunny and a squirrel.  There is something about the trail that calls me in the morning.

Today I encourage you to find a fire deep inside that keeps you interested in this world.

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