About Me


Hi! I am Amy Williams and I am an Integrative Life Coach. That means that I wear many hats and integrate many modes of healing in what I do. I am a Master Spirit Life Coach, a Time Management Coach, a Certified Couples Relationship Coach and I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. I am also currently enrolled in The Psychology of Eating.

I want to help you learn how to live your present moments! Some people will ask the question “What does that mean exactly?”  It means staying in the present and whenever your mind takes you to the past or the future you gently guide it back to the present moment.  You can ask yourself questions like “What is in my highest good right now?”  “What will serve me right now in this moment?” “What am I feeling right now?”  There are life skills and tools to help you do this and to make the shift to living in the present.  It’s really all that matters.


Have you ever thought “who the heck is in charge of my life? Because I sure don’t feel like I am!”

You are not alone.  Many people feel this way for a good portion of their lives.  You can gain the control back by doing a few simple things to shift the energy around.

I can help.

Through private sessions or any of the circle/lectures/workshops going on each month, you can gain ground by taking your life back.

Please contact me and let’s get started on your Life Plan.


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