Surviving or Thriving?

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I’m going to ask you three questions, no one will know the answer but you.

Are you thriving in your life?  Accomplishing your goals? Feeling like you’re ready to take on the world when you get out of bed every morning? Have enough energy to live the life you want? Happy to see loved ones? Can’t wait to get to work? Are you at your peak physical condition? Do you enjoy making and keeping new friends? Are you making the income you want? Out of those 9 questions, if you can’t answer a resounding yes to 7 of those, you are not thriving in your life. Yes, I realize that is a judgment, when I may not even know you.  It’s a bench mark to get you to think about your life.  What is your reality today with regards to thriving?

Second question: Are you just surviving?  Don’t have the energy to get you through your day let alone your morning? Don’t like yourself when you look in the mirror? Can’t seem to save money, ever? Hate your job, or at the very least dislike going to work every day? Don’t engage in insightful conversations? Feel run down, are over weight, just can hardly keep your head above water? Feel like everyone else has a great life but you don’t? You feel like the government is against you? This list of questions seems as if it could go on forever.  If you can answer yes to let’s say 3 or more of these you are probably just surviving.  Again just a bench mark to help you begin thinking about the reality of your life.

So my third and final question is: Are you eating to survive or thrive? What do you suppose a person who is surviving is eating on a daily basis? We all kinda know the answer to this question.  We all know pretty much what is survival food.  It’s low energy food.  And that kind of food would be anything, I said anything, from a fast food chain.  Pretty much anything at a fast food joint I would not call food.  And you may tell yourself the story that salad at a fast food restaurant is healthy when it’s really not.  It has nowhere near the nutrient value a freshly made salad has.  But we can argue that point on another day. Anything packaged is a low energy food.  And when I say low energy food I mean it will give you very little in nutrient density.  Anything cooked will have lower energy, although depending on your health goals you may need to be eating some steamed food to help heal your body.  It’s just a fact energetically speaking that cooked has less energy than raw.

What do you think a person who is thriving every day is eating? And by the way, I believe the natural state of the human body is to be thriving every day.  That is a norm that we have lost. Most of us don’t know what it feels like to have high energy, to feel awesome, to love life.  The thriving individuals on the planet are eating vegetables, very little meat (the size of your palm a couple times a week is plenty), good fats, seeds, beans, berries, fresh, fresh, fresh. And drinking plenty of water each day.  Their energy comes from and is sustained by high nutrient dense food. I don’t buy the belief that healthy food costs more.  Once you begin to switch over you don’t need as much food because the food you are eating is high in nutrients, thus signaling the body it is full and happy.  Not to mention in the long run, eating for survival will give you a long slow death, and will cost you way more in the end. Next time you are tempted to eat fast food, go to a grocery store and buy real food.  A fast food meal can cost you $5, $7, $10.  You can buy plenty for a meal with $10 at the grocery store.

It is really as simple as making a choice each time you eat. Are you eating to thrive or just survive?

Check out my Energetics of Food Lectures every month, and sign up to take the integrated book study on the book Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.  These two things alone can help support you to make the healthiest choices when it comes to food.

Eat well, live well, be well.



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