The Art of Intention Setting

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As I mentioned in a previous blog post I meditate every morning for 30 minutes. I learned my specific meditation technique through the Deepak Chopra Center, taught by a certified instructor in a town close to where I live. The Primordial Sound Meditation is what it is called.  I got a mantra specifically designed for me from my time and place of birth. In the booklet that came with the course, it mentioned the best time to set your intentions is after your meditation.  So I began my meditation intentions journal the next day November 15, 2014.

Meditation techniques are as unique as you are, find something that works for you.  There are hundreds of ways to meditate.

The blue/dark grey book in the picture is my first journal that I filled. The one that I am working on currently is open to the last few mornings I have meditated.  I like visual learning.  So I included it today so you can see exactly what I write.  It changes from day to day.

One of the constants though is my “true North” statement that I began at the beginning of last year.  With the help of Baron Baptiste and his book, The 9 Practices to Ignite an Empowered Life, I came up with my “true North” statement: “I live my life through love and grace. I am aligned into whole life integration.”  I set this as one of my intentions every day.  Depending on where I am at in my life my intentions change.  For instance, if you can read my words you can see there are lines like “I live a Brave life”, and “I show up and I let myself be seen.”  These are from the work I am currently studying by Brene Brown.

The Art of Intention Setting begins with priorities.  What you think, so shall you become.  Our thoughts trump genes. What you think about all day long soon becomes your reality.  These are statements people have made about thoughts. The book, “The Biology of Belief” is a powerful testimony to how incredibly powerful our thoughts can be and Bruce Lipton, the author, gives the science.

I believe setting intentions can change your life.  It has changed mine.  Make a daily practice of it.  If you meditate in the morning or at night as one of your daily rituals I invite you to set some intentions afterwards.  If you have a cup of tea and or coffee first thing in the morning, set some intentions for your day.  I suggest writing them down in a notebook, they don’t have to be as many as I write, I do what works for me. Find what works for you.  Statistics say that by writing something down, we have a 28% better chance of remembering it.  If you are going to a meeting or you’re getting ready to have a tough conversation set a positive intention for the outcome. I ALWAYS like “the highest good will be met for everyone involved”, or “my highest good will be met”.  I like that one for doctors visits.

Another place I set intentions is during the moon circles I hold for the public.  We gather twice a month. Once on the New Moon and again on the Full Moon.  We set intentions at each circle.  The intentions set at the New Moon are all about what we now want to create in our lives, and the intentions set around the Full Moon are about releasing what no longer serves us in our lives. We just had a Full Moon this past Monday night, the Snow Moon, quick you can still release what no longer serves you at this time.  Write it down and burn it..release it.  I also have an on-line Facebook Moon Circle group, just let me know if you want to join, or you can click this Link and ask to join. It’s free and fun!

If you think you need a little bit of added support on setting intentions use my 40-day shift chart, it can be found under the “downloads” tab.  This chart can help you shift anything you want to change in your life.  It can help you have a visual on reaching a goal.  My personal philosophy is it takes 40 days, not the 21 we’ve been told, to actually form a new habit or create a permanent shift in our lives.

Once you get started, it takes on a life of its own. Watch how your life begins to change and have fun in the learning.

Have a great day!

Whole-Living, Whole-Life

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