Daily Fundamentals

The Daily Fundamentals

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I have been a fan of Tony Robbins for years. And last week as I was listening yet again to Tony he mentioned his Daily Fundamentals.

Daily fundamentals are the things you don’t mind doing every day. They are the things that keep you balanced, focused and happy each day. Much to my surprise, I had not remembered hearing this life strategy from him before. I was also happy to know that I had been doing this for the last 8 months, and really bringing daily focus to my fundamentals since the beginning of the year.

I must agree with Tony. My daily fundamentals DO bring me balance, focus, and happiness. I feel really confident in my decision-making capabilities. My clarity is being fine tuned. My awareness of my life and my place in this world have been heightened. Through my daily fundamentals practice, I have been able to focus my time management skills as well. This goes a long way to reducing the stress of a day.

Do you have your own personal daily fundamentals? If not I highly recommend getting started. The energy is ripe at the beginning of a new month to start new routines and practices. If you already have a few daily fundamentals that you practice please share in the comment section below and how they are working for you today.

Mine include a morning meditation for 30 minutes. An afternoon meditation for 20 minutes. Meditation is probably the single most life changing practice for me. My super brain yoga for 5 minutes. I have found this practice to improve my spelling and my ability to focus on more than one thing at a time with ease. My “I love you”, mirror exercise for 3 minutes. A gratitude post. Posting in my group, The Wise Willow. Grounding 5-20 minutes each day. My ritual with Roger. Being mindfully present 15 minutes. Smudging. The gym and blogging. These things have given me the confidence to live my life from a place of authenticity and high integrity. I bring this to my coaching practice and all areas of my life. I have more energy and am able to set and attain goals easily.

Start today to engage yourself in a different way. Give yourself credit for all the great things you do each day, all the positive things you’ve accomplished, and get started on creating a life you deserve through designing a few daily fundamentals that help you to feel balanced, focused, and happy.

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