Psychology of Eating

The Psychology of Eating

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There is more to weight loss or weight gain than calories.  It really is so much more complicated than that for most people. If it were as easy as calories in and calories out then any body any where could lose weight and keep it off, or gain weight and keep it on.  Yes there are actually people in this world who have trouble gaining weight.  I was approached in the Schnucks parking lot yesterday by a woman who wondered if I could help her gain weight after seeing my tailgate advertisement.

So why do people have such a hard time with weight? I have a theory.  The body likes homeostasis, it likes to be balanced. It also likes what it knows and loves to stay in it’s comfort zone.

Let me tell you a story.  There is a man named Steve, he wants to lose weight.  He hires a trainer and he changes his food.  He loses weight over a period of time.  He’s happy.  He likes how he looks.  Time goes on.  A year later he looks in the mirror and 40 pounds have somehow found their way back to his body.  He’s not happy.  He loses weight again, is happy.  Time goes on.  A year later he looks in the mirror and this time 70 pounds have been gained.  He becomes depressed.  He hates how he looks.  He tells himself that it’s never going to work.  He stops eating healthy altogether.  He fires his trainer at the gym.  He goes back to the old way of living.

My theory is that back in the second sentence of that paragraph where I wrote “time goes on”, something happened, or more precisely something didn’t happen that needed to happen for Steve to sustain his weight loss. He needed to do his internal work, his emotional work so that the internal matched the external.  But since he didn’t do that work, the inside didn’t match the outside and so his body went back to what it knew, it found it’s old comfort zone, being over weight.  This happens over and over and over again to people who have very clear intentions to lose weight and get healthy. But they aren’t addressing the whole person, the body, mind and spirit.

This is the missing piece in sustained weight loss, in my opinion.  We must begin to ask the questions around who we are as eaters.  Why do we emotionally eat?  Are we fast or slow eaters?  Do we over eat at a certain time of the day? Why? Do we skip meals? Why? Do we love ourselves? Really love ourselves? Does our genetic card ever have to be played in the arena of weight? What do our thoughts have to do with our weight? What is the psychology of eating?

There are many questions to be asked.  There is much more to weight than the media would have us believe.  They are skilled in talking you into buying this program or that program, this book or that book, this supplement or that supplement while all the while they are leaving out 50% of the equation.  It’s no wonder people can’t reach a sustainable weight.  I’m not saying food and exercise don’t matter, they make up the other 50% of the equation.  Only when you address the whole person (food, exercise, and  psychology) can you reach a balanced life with a healthy weight.

The missing piece in sustained weight loss or weight gain? the psychology behind who we are as eaters, it is a deep subject.



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