Why Use My Shift Charts?

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The blog post today is about my shift charts, 40 days and 100 days, available for free download on my website.

Why use a shift chart? In short, to make changes easier.  They track and record your progress or lack thereof in any area of your life that you choose to work on or shift.  I use these with clients all the time.  It is hard to explain HOW they work if you have not given them a try.  They seem to have some kind of magic associated with them and a person who works in the field of behavioral therapy/science could probably give a really good answer as to WHY and HOW they actually work for people.

They are a means of keeping yourself accountable.  At the end of the day, and this is what I tell my clients, you must be accountable to yourself.  There is no one else on the planet who’s job it is to keep you accountable.  Maybe in the early years, parents have the job of teaching their children about accountability, maybe you had chores lists etc. but as we get older and become our own person, we must develop self-accountability. Period. An idea that goes hand in hand with that is self-discipline with love, which is another topic for another blog post.

Often times I have first-time clients tell me, “I need you to help me stay accountable”, and I always reply “no you don’t. That’s not my job. My job is to guide, question, and support you on your journey.” And then I introduce them to the charts.  The charts help you have a very unique visual experience of self-accountability.  And you get to be creative, if you choose to, with the charts as you fill in each square for the day. Most of the time clients begin with the 40-day shift chart.  Once successful there, I move them up to the 100-day shift chart.

I myself use both for various things in my life. This morning I am beginning another 40-day shift chart for 5 minutes of mindfulness daily.  I will practice being mindful for 5 minutes each day and record it on my chart.  It has changed me in the past, making me more aware of all of the life happening around me, my thoughts, my feelings. We did this in one of my challenge groups last year.  The results were awesome!  If you are interested in any of my upcoming challenge groups, ask to join The Wise Willow, my free private group on Facebook, that’s where all the challenge groups will originate.

Also this morning I am writing out a “life agreement” with myself and will use a 100-day shift chart to track my progress there.  Mine this morning will include some changes in diet and some absolutes that I am now ready to implement. If you want to write your own “life agreement”, and want help, it is one of my services, not yet up on the website.  A life agreement is a contract you write with yourself about your life.  It can be extremely simplistic (one topic, like weight loss) in its design or it can be very defined to include ALL areas of your life.

I would invite you today to download a 40-day shift chart and begin something new and exciting for moving yourself forward in your life.  If you need help, just ask. 🙂 Using these charts helps your self-esteem and self-worth just blossom!

Eat well, live well, be well.


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