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I have been journaling since I was 12 years old.  I guess I started because someone gave me an empty journal and I haven’t stopped.

Writing it out has become a daily ritual.  The “it” being my thoughts, my feelings, my views on life, processing what is happening in my life on any given day.  I love writing.  It is my best friend and my worst enemy.  My best friend because things get revealed in a way that I can gain clarity without judgment, usually.  My worst enemy because there have been many times that the light bulb has come on and I don’t want to see or admit what has been happening or what I have been feeling.  I take it all in stride and know that my highest good is always being met.

I’ve always been a person who has to take 3 days to process things.  That has not changed.  What I find interesting is what I write one day, three days later has a whole new look to it.  I’ve learned to hold off or wait to make decisions on things.  My dad always said, “Wait three days, and see how you feel.  If you still feel the same then move forward.”  Interesting his suicide note had Aug. 22, 2006, written on it and then scratched out and Aug. 26, 2006, written the day he chose to end his life.  I believe it was a reminder to me and anyone else who knew him and would read the letter, to wait 3 days and if you still feel the same, move forward.

Writing has become one of the great equalizers in my life.  When I can’t seem to talk to a friend, or voice my feelings to my partner, or get clear in my own head what I’m feeling, I can always go to my journal and write it out until some satisfaction has been reached. Many many times the “answers” will reveal themselves.  I just love the way that happens.

I credit my mom for keeping the writing passion alive in my life.  She was a writer.  Had various things published,  wrote a column for a local newspaper, published a cookbook, and had her own little newspaper called  The Potbelly Stove Exchange.  I am an aspiring writer today, with plans to have my first book published in the next year.  Self-help, poems, novels, journaling, I love it all.

I believe it is the one thing that has helped me keep my sanity all these years.  I have been journaling for over 40 years and writing it out has been my rock in the extremely difficult times and the very wonderful times as well.  My journal is my safe haven.  It is the foundation on which I have built my mental stability. It is where I can write all my emotions in a messy uncontrolled way until I reach clarity.  It doesn’t judge.  It doesn’t even have an opinion which is nice. It allows me to be exactly who I am on any given day.  I can be mean, I can be loving, I can be out of control, I can be sweet, I can be hateful and kind, it doesn’t care.  My journal is where I have learned to let it all hangout.

Thanks to my partner in this life, I have never had to really fear him reading it.  I think when we were younger and didn’t know each other so well, I had some fear of him or someone else reading my journals, but I never had to lock them up.  Today, they are still private, and yes there are secrets in there that no one knows but me. When I pass on to the next adventure, though, they are free game, and I trust someone finds value in them if only to figure out more about who I was and why I was who I was.

I invite you to write it out. If you have never written a word in a journal, do yourself a favor and go get a blank notebook or journal and begin.  You may need to just start by writing the day’s events, the feelings will come, trust me.  If you’ve gotten away from journaling, I trust this inspired you to get back to it today.

For more information on how writing can transform your health read 6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health.

Have an awesome day and get out there and write it out!

Whole living, whole life.

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